NEWS:  VisibleRisk has been acquired by Click Security. Read more about the acquisition here.

VisibleRisk is an information security analytics company.   VisibleRisk provides proven solutions to support Enterprise Visibility and Advanced Security Analytics efforts.   Our goal is to ensure our customers have the best set of analytic tools and data available to create a more Defensible Enterprise

Advanced Security Analytics


Virtual Intelligence Operations Center (VIOC) is our Tier 4 Security Analysis as a Service.  Allow our security analysts to augment and enhance your team's existing capabilities.  VisibleRisk's services are based on "hunting" techniques.   We look beyond traditional indicators and focus on methods to increase your incident detection effectiveness every day.  Our goals are simple Detect More: Detect Faster, and understand the Impact!  We will advance your detection capability on a daily basis.    



ArtifactR (Beta)

ArtifactR is VisibleRisk's scalable analytic platform.  ArtifactR incorporates the same tools that we use internally to help scale the analysis of malicious or suspicious artifacts for our VIOC clients.  Analysts can submit artifacts (PCAP's, PDF, Java, etc) via our REST-ful API or a web form and the ArtifactR platform will run a series of tools on that data, extract the files, re-run for further analysis, and present all of the data back to the analyst.  We use several open source tools you already rely on, plus a few of our own to ensure our customers have all the applicable information from each artifact.  Uncover Indicators, understand technical impact and scope, and do it faster!  Join the BETA!


Enterprise Visibility

Network Forensics Content

VisibleRisk provides content (indicators and use cases) to power your Network Forensics Tools.   We have put together dozens of proven detection techniques to help augment and accelerate your incident detection program!   Help your security analysis team mature from reactive alert based analysis to a program that allows your analysts to focus on more meaningful activities.