Recap: Security BSidesSF

by Rocky DeStefano

#BSidesSF.  I had the opportunity to check out Security B-Sides in SF last week.  I don’t know where to begin.  Sponsors, Participants, Volunteers, Speakers everything was a blast thank you for putting this together.   

Given the number of conversations I wound up having during the week I didn’t get to see every presentation but I was able to attend:


·      Andrew Hay’s Security D-List presentation.  Andrew is fantastic.  I really enjoyed the few hours I was able to bounce ideas off of him last week.  The picture of Andrew in a dress still haunts me.  I like the “leveling” that the D-list provides all of us.  I still can’t correctly place anyone on the A,B or C lists though I’m not sure it matters.  Hopefully one day I’ll make the R, S or T list!

·      Will Gragido and John Pirc of Cassandra Security’s presentation on APT and SMT.  I have a very similar background to these guys so I have a special appreciation for what they said.  They did a great job on this and I was very happy to meet them in person.

·      The PCI Panel with Michelle Klinger, Josh Corman, Anton Chuvakin, Andy Ellis and Jack Daniel and basically the entire audience.  This was just fun.  So many wanted to participate in this conversation that I think this could be a conference on its own.  The perspectives were good for me to hear.  I’ve always been anti-compliance, but at least now I’m a bit more open minded about some of its potential benefits.  I really enjoyed Josh’s Zombie Uprising perspective!

I heard really good things about several of the presentations I missed - I’m glad all the presentations are up on Ustream:

Note:  Even though it may be too close to the last conference - I will be at BSidesAustin on Saturday (13 March 2010) for a few hours, hopefully I’ll have a chance to run into you!