VisibleRisk is the first company to offer fully managed RSA NetWitness services.  We’ll not only design, deploy, patch, upgrade, tune and manage your NetWitness infrastructure but we’ll also do in-depth discovery analysis and provide you with escalations and incident identification.  No other company has the depth of analytic expertise and product specific experience.  You’ve invested with the leading commerical network visibility product, let us help you maximize the value you receive from that investment.  


  • Custom NetWitness Parsers: We will author and manage custom content based on your needs for NetWitness.  You define the requirementsand send us samples or allow us access and we’ll create the content for you. We take it one step further and we’ll support that piece of content as well!
  • O&M Services:  Co-Managed, Fully-Managed or Advisory Based Services around NetWitness infrastructure.  We ensure the system is fully operational and tuned for peak performance around your requirements. 
  • Discovery Analysis:  Our Security Analysts dig deep into your network traffic and look for indications of compromised accounts and systems.  We focus heavily on advanced adversary techniques and create new custom methods of identification on a daily basis.  We augment your teams ability to create new indicators of compromise on a consistent basis.  Discovery Analysis is bundled into our VIOC offering and can be purchased on a subscription basis as well for recurring “discoveries” (Daily, Weekly, Monthly, Quarterly).
  • Intelligent Indicators (Threat Feeds):  We can roll out automatically or via daily downloads, relevant content to support your analytical needs.  No six year old IP’s or Domains - only currently relevant information so that your team can focus on what’s really important and not be bogged down unecessarily.  We provide the feeds and we support them fully!