VisibleRisk has assembled a team of exceptionally talented and highly regarded Incident Responders, Forensic/Security Analysis and Security Professionals.  


VisibleRisk’s Team:

Rocky DeStefano

Rocky is an internationally known security professional with 20 years of leadership in intelligence and security operations. He has led Enterprise Security, Incident Response and Intelligence Operations for multiple fortune 500 companies and US government agencies. Rocky has held key positions in several extremely successful security start-ups, including ArcSight, Decurity and NetWitness. He is currently the Founder and CEO, and spends his time off hanging out with his kids, lounging in his swimming pool and driving very fast.

Twitter: @rockyd    LinkedInsecurityprofessional


Mike Sconzo (CTO)

Mike has been involved with Incident Response, Security Analysis, Research and Development and Enterprise Security Architecture for over 10 years. He graduated from Texas A&M and enjoys working hard, staying up late and dressing up as a gorilla for Halloween. His favorite color is bright orange and his favorite food is spicy.  

LinkedIn: Sconzo


Kevin Hall

Kevin has been working in Information Technology for about 20 years. He has supported Enterprise Networks in a wide variety of industries including Financial, Electrical and Gas Utilities, Military, and National Laboratories. In last 8 years he has been focusing on security R&D of tools for performing host based incident response and network forensics.  He has considerable knowledge on topics ranging from Enterprise Network Architecture to memory forensics and penetration testing. Kevin also has multiple certifications under his belt including MCP, SANS, and CISSP, as well as experience programming on mainframes.  Kevin was voted Time Magazine’s person of the year in 2006 and again in 2011.

Twitter: @oookp


Phil “The Wizard” Mattingly

Phil’s 10+ years in the industry has outfitted him with a multitude of skill sets. Phil could be called the Systems Engineer, but he helps the team in so many ways that a title like that would be too narrow in scope. Upon graduating from Texas A&M, he was hired by the department of Computer Science to be the lead Engineer and Departmental Manager, a title given to only a few deserving individuals. After working for his Alma Mater, he began moving up the professional ladder working for the University of Texas and an Oracle partner. His interests including SCUBA diving and travelling the world. We are very thankful to have Phil’s wizarding skills on our team. 

LinkedIn: Mattingly


Andrew Steele 

Andrew holds a Bachelors and Masters of Business Administration from the University of New Mexico and a Masters of Science in Software Engineering from Carnegie Mellon University. He primarily develops software in C#, but also has experience with Java, Ruby on Rails, Python, JavaScript and is most recently Node.js curious. In 2011, he worked with Google and NASA to develop a mobile application for disaster responders. He is an advocate for agile software development practices and likes his software development iterative. Andrew is married to Jamie and is the father of twins Lilly and Paige.
Twitter: @ahsteele    LinkedIn: ahsteele    Blog: steelebit


David Dorsey

David holds a Bachelor's and Master's of Computer Engineering from Texas A&M University.  David has developed Splunk applictions, was a researcher and developer at Sandia National Labs and spent a tour as an ASIC engineer at HP.  David is our Lead Security Researcher at VisibleRisk and has contributed some pretty awesome functionality to jsunpack see here and here.  David is married and has a young son to keep him fully occupied when he isn't tearing apart code.

Linkedin:  Dorsey 

Mika Spence (VP Business Operations)

Mika keeps the company going strong, and is our Vice President of Business Operations. She is our HR department, Auditing department, Finance department, Travel department and so much more.  She’s been keeping others in line for over 16 years and continues to find new ways to ensure VisibleRisk stays on track every day.   
Twitter: @vrpepper   LinkedIn: Spence